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Unipartner's Christmas Solidarity Campaign

During the Christmas holiday season, the Unipartner family proudly united in a heartwarming initiative to spread joy and support to those in need!


Both our Porto Salvo and Funchal offices gathered around for a Christmas solidarity campaign, which ran through December and January, showcasing the amazing impact we can achieve when we come together. Teams from both offices worked tirelessly to organize and deliver donated goods to two incredible organizations dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in their communities: Associação Protectora dos Pobres in Funchal and Centro Paroquial de Nossa Senhora in Porto Salvo.


Creating initiatives like these is not just about giving back during the holidays, it’s about promoting empathy, kindness and affection. At Unipartner, we strongly believe in the power of solidarity, and making a positive impact in the community is part of the culture we encourage to everyone who becomes a part of our Family.


We are extremely proud of our teams for representing the spirit of the Christmas season and demonstrating the difference we can make when we stand together to help those who need our support the most.

Let’s carry this spirit in 2024 and continue to create a positive change, fostering a culture of compassion and making a lasting impact!



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