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Journée portes ouvertes d'Unipartner avec les étudiants de l'ISCTE

On April 18th, Unipartner welcomed ISCTE students from the Master of Business Analytics class excited to get to know a world full of possibilities and what their future awaits.


We believe it was an excellent opportunity to discover what being a consultant means and how it is to work in an information systems consulting and implementation company. The students had the chance to get to know more about Personal Marketing, test their knowledge, and reflect on their abilities and skills.


At Unipartner, we believe everyone succeeds through commitment and constant learning. We want to cultivate an inviting and inclusive atmosphere where taking chances and learning from missteps are stepping stones to success.


We had an amazing time and we want to thank you to all the ISCTE students who were present! It was great to count on your enthusiasm to find out about our teams and the projects we are involved in.  



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