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Unipartner at the European Data Protection Day Conference by Governo Regional da Madeira

With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the rights to privacy and data protection of individuals have been increasingly strengthened over time.

Having as its main mission to ensure the monitoring, audit and supervision of the level of compliance, the Office for Digital Compliance, Data Protection and Cybersecurity established a strategic plan for the application of the GDPR in all the entities of the Governo Regional da Madeira ecosystem. This plan defined, among other components, the vectors and the strategic map, the operational objectives and the main initiatives to be developed.

Within the framework of the European Data Protection Day Conference, Unipartner’s Digital Enterprise Management and Media Lab teams showcased the project that aimed to raise citizen consciousness. The plan focused on three important aspects: trust, transparency and awareness. It included a set of initiatives such as workshops with varied entities like the Innovation and Modernization Agency, Regional Tourism Secretariat and Madeira Promotion Agency, Regional Secretariat for Education and the Regional Directorate of Public Administration. Awareness videos were also created for different target audiences, and both physical and digital communication content regarding data security to be spread to the audience.


The main objective is to convey information about the importance of data protection and privacy, simplifying the message and, at the same time, encouraging behaviors that safeguard rights and duties.


Based on the methodological framework developed in partnership with Unipartner, the General Data Protection Officer also delivered the maturity and compliance assessment reports of the various Regional Offices, the Presidency and the Innovation and Modernization Agency, resulting from the mapping of the processing of personal data implemented in each of the Regional Office and the services Portal. It includes the phases of the analysis of the current and future situation and the implementation of cross-cutting processes and instruments for compliance with the Regulation, framed in the strategic methodology defined by the General Protection Office.


Learn more about the conference by reading the JM Madeira’s news article here: https://www.jm-madeira.pt/regiao/campanha-visa-sensibilizar-populacao-em-especial-jovens-para-a-protecao-de-dados-JA15401954 



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