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Atelier de la fête des pères chez Unipartner

In today’s digital age, empowering parents with comprehensive knowledge and effective strategies is essential in safeguarding our children’s digital well-being, ensuring they can navigate the internet confidently and securely. 🛡️


This Father’s Day, we explored the profound impact of the digital era on parenting. As we gathered for a workshop on the dangers of the internet and connected devices, presented by Dr. Rita Rebordão, the parents engaged in important discussions on dealing with children’s habits online. From exposure to inappropriate content to possible addiction to these devices, the risks are real and ever-present, but amidst these challenges lies an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Throughout the workshop, valuable insights and practical strategies were shared to equip parents with ways to teach their children how to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. From setting healthy boundaries to fostering open communication, every discussion was a good contribution to creating a safer online environment.


This initiative served as a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant and proactive in safeguarding our children’s online well-being. By coming together and sharing experiences, we’ve taken a significant step toward building a safer digital future for generations to come. We’ll continue to prioritize education and awareness surrounding online safety, to make sure that children have the opportunity to explore the digital world safely and responsibly! 🌐



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