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Executive dinner event focused on sustainable leadership featuring Unipartner and Massamba Thioye

CEOs, industry Leaders and Sustainability Directors gathered for an exceptional evening at Nova School of Business and Economics Campus to explore the frontiers of sustainability. Massamba Thioye from the United Nations, was invited by Unipartner to come to Portugal and share some of his valuable insights!


The United Nations has been increasingly highlighting the urgent need to respond to the needs of our society in a different way. Such a change requires new solutions, which can only be achieved if we accelerate innovation and collaboration. Unipartner regularly collaborates with the UNFCCC, such as the Global Innovation Hub workshops.


An eminent figure in sustainability, Massamba Thioye, who is in charge of the Global Innovation Hub, presented a keynote, sharing transformative insights on integrating sustainability into corporate strategies, emphasizing the critical role organizations play in fostering environmental management globally. His extensive experience motivated the audience, challenging everyone to envision and implement sustainable practices that go beyond compliance.


The connections and relationships established during the evening will undoubtedly contribute to a broader and more impactful sustainable ecosystem and, carrying the inspiration from Massamba’s insights, we will continue to be dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the environment and society!


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