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"Digital Innovation towards a more Sustainability World" at Building the Future 2024

In a world where the urgency for sustainability has never been more crucial, our session “Digital Innovation towards a more Sustainable World” at #BTF24 unfolded a profound discussion on the importance of environmental responsibility and the need for everyone to act. Sustainability is a commitment to safeguarding our planet for future generations.


At the heart of Unipartner lies a strong dedication to sustainability through digital innovation. We believe in leveraging technology to not only drive business success but also to have a positive impact on the world. This was the main message highlighted by Fernando Reino da Costa, President & CEO at Unipartner, as our internal and external initiatives focus on creating digital solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, proving that accelerating innovation can be the driving force behind a greener, more resilient world.


It was an honor to have Massamba Thioye, Project Executive at the United Nations as our guest-speaker, presenting the Global Innovation Hub’s mission of fostering transformative innovations, which can pave the way for a low-emission and climate-resilient future. Leaders that are building the future, instead of predicting it, are the ones who will be behind the development of solutions that will address people’s needs. The green transition will have digital in the center, as these technologies will cause a transformative impact in changing behaviors.


Thank you to everyone who attended our session, whether in person or through the livestream online. Your engagement is a testament to the shared commitment towards a sustainable and innovative future. Let’s continue working together to make a positive impact on our world!


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