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Célébration de la Journée internationale de la femme chez Unipartner : autonomisation et confiance en soi

International Women's Day represents a significant worldwide celebration of women's accomplishments in the fields of politics, society, economy, and culture. This year, we didn’t just talk about empowerment, we acted upon it. In the spirit of celebrating this special day, we hosted a personal defense workshop, which wasn’t just about learning techniques, but about fostering a culture of confidence and adaptability in situations where some may not feel comfortable.


From a brief introduction to personal defense concepts to mastering hands-on techniques, the day was a testament to the strength and resilience within our diverse community of women at Unipartner! By equipping women with the knowledge and ability to protect themselves, we contribute to dismantling gender-based vulnerabilities and stereotypes. It transcends physical strength, embodying a mindset that emphasizes the importance of personal safety and well-being.


Together, we’re breaking barriers and creating an environment where every person, regardless of gender, can navigate the world with resilience and a belief in their capabilities!


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